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    Anno 1404 - History Edition: Profile and settings have been reset

    My profile and the game settings have been reset today! I still have a backup in
    but the game appears to load empty profile.

    I took my backup
    . The file weighs 360KB.
    Copied it to
    Then, I renamed the extension from
    The game just deletes this profile and creates a new 4 KB profile!

    What is going on? Ubisoft, help fixing this issue.

    I played yesterday the Incognoto scenario, then unlocked a vanity statue for 200 gems. Today the game loads with empty profile and default settings.

    Multiple users on Steam experienced identical issue recently.
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    You using the version from Steam's? Or you using the one from Ubisoft? If it is from steam's may they did a update really don't know.

    I just ran my game and all my profiles are there. I'm not using a Steam version either.
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    I bought Anno 1404 - History Edition via Steam. The game has not been updated recently. The game is run through Ubisoft Connect. Even if Ubisoft Connect was updated, there is no cloud saves for this Anno. So, I doubt that updates may corrupt players' profiles.
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    I was over on steam and you ask about making a backup profile to a usable profile. Just copy & paste it from your back folder to just outside of the backup folder. Now it should be in the profile folder.

    Go to the game and you should see it in your profile management. The thing is every time you quit the game it will update the profile & the backup profile at the same time.

    I have a profile that is like 6 or 7 yrs old. It is about 90% down with the game. I move from computer to computer.

    Plus so far it is only the people that got the game from steam is having the problem. Nobody has said any thing other than you. We just have to wait and see.
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    As did exactly as you wrote. However, when I run the game, it does not see my backup profile. Instead, the game recreates a new empty profile with identical name and profile number.
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    No you will not see it if you add a new or backup profile. You have to go into profile management to see it & click on it to use it.. Plus you can rename it what ever you want too.
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    Of course, I went to profile management along with trying a dozen different ways that I could think of or that I found googling, and nothing worked so far. I mean I restored the old profile using windows built-in recovery system, but I lost about a week of gameplay this way.
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    Hello MrBrut! As noticed on Steam for the first time you bought something for gems. Did you do same thing, or renaming before it broke again? I have only a suggestion which may be not true, like when you go to profile to spend gems or rename it, it may be an occasion for something to break. Also I think to keep it safe, just copying to reserved folder is not enough, you have to put already reserved profile into a newly created archive to not overwrite it with a potentially broken
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    I took this from Steam reply.

    Hey Ubi,

    My profile was lost again. Before that, I copied the profile to a separate place on disk. I put the backup into %APPDATA%\Ubisoft\Anno1404\Profiles
    but the game overrides it with an empty profile (same name and same id).

    How is that possible that the game does not accept the just copied profile?
    I'm doing a test to see if I get the same thing.

    1. I cut my two profiles from the folder and pasted them some place else.

    2. Started the game went to profiles and had a profile name "dmdilks"

    3. I then copy the two profileold 123k & 1943k from the backup folder.

    4. Rename or deleted the old off of them. So now they were just profile 123k & 1943k

    5. Pasted them back into the profile folder and the profile 123k overrides the new profile 3k the game just made. When I restart the game with no profiles.

    6 Then I restarted the game again and everything is back to the way it was before I deleted the profiles. Plus the game never overrides them too.

    So What I would do is save copies of the saves & profiles. Go control panel and go into programs and features. Then uninstall everything that has to do with the game. Reinstall the game and start it. Then copy everything back in and see what happens.
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    Thank you for trying to help help. I just did exactly the same procedure with my current profile, and everything worked fine. The game saw my profile and loaded it.

    However, when I try to repeat the procedure with my "corrupted/broken" profiles, this does not work: the game does not see them. My "broken" profiles are not listed in the Player profile management in-game window.

    This is really strange. How come that one profile is visible, whereas some other profiles are not...
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