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    [Suggestion] 3rd DLC.

    I have idea for the 3rd DLC of the 3rd season.

    I call it Homeland.

    The character comes to his homeland.
    - The map is one big continent (70%) with the sea (30%).
    - The map is divided into one large zone and several medium zones with different ore deposits and with different fertility.
    - The seasons will change on the continent, so there will be months when there will be no harvest on the continent and crops will have to be imported.
    - The large zone will be a place where the player will be able to build a metropolis.
    - During the winter, it will be necessary to supply houses with coal, wood or gas for heating.
    - The middle zones will be places where the player will build villages or smaller cities, which will supply the metropolis most of the time and the metropolis will supply small towns.
    -Supplies will be distributed by wagons with horses that the player will produce on the continent, later it will create a railway network that will bring the raw materials to the destination.
    - Due to the old homeland, all people need a place of faith.
    - Addition of smaller chapels for farmers and workers.
    - Building a cathedral in the metropolis will be the main challenge.
    - Addition of marble as a building material.
    - On the old continent, people are more demanding, so farmers, workers, craftsmen, engineers, investors and scholars need more things to meet their needs, but in the house there may be more people and they are happier.
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    They won't get bigger than Crown Fall, otherwise the purpose of the game is destroyed. The importance is trade in this game, so it looks impossible for me. However some of the suggestions are nice, like the cathedral and the addition of Marble.
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    Zones in this big continent would not share good. I want keep trade in game, but instead of trading by ships, game will bring ox cars or trading trains, for this big continent, and you will must also bring goods from other maps, becouse of winter.
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    We do a really cool Quest to get Plans for Our Light House that looks Awesome With Melted Gold on the Outside and Perals surrounding the top of it!
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