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    Has anyone else found this white adamantine shard and are there more then one

    I got a mission quest while in the hall of the gods i believe and it was like one of the times events that you get with hermies but at the end of it i got a white adamantine shard (1st one I have gotten or even seen in the game) and I can't find any mention of them online at all (which is odd to say the least) so when I look at it in my quest items it says what it is and it says +5% damage with weapons and under that it says made of adamantine,this mysterious shard seems to resonate with your weapons.maybe more of its secrets can be uncovered in Olympos. But nothing happens when I get there any one know anything about this color shard and if there's any more of them and how to get them or if there are other colors then the yellow,blue,red,and purple ones cuz there is a white one for sure lol I don't remember the name of the quest cuz it seemed like a normal thing when it started it was in a vault but it was like white coloms and clouds and it was a rase with only a bronze medal instead of all 3 like a normal hermies challange
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    That vault that was a new preview for the upcoming DLC, so it's the only white adamantine shard in the game right now.
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    Found a flame shard

    I found it in the beginning region on the little islands towards the end of the map. I read the new shards is for a new God DLC coming to the game so keep it safe
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