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    Where are there lines on the edge of all the platform pieces now?

    In the map editor, in the last few days all of a sudden all the platform pieces (concrete, dirt, ice, grass) have annoying lines at their edges. The concrete and grass have green borders, the dirt has a brown, and the ice has yellow. When you join pieces with the same surface together the border between them usually goes away, but not always. Now I am opening old maps and it is adding ugly lines between some pieces that never used to be there! How did that change and is there a way to stop it?

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    How do I edit my post? The title is supposed to be "Why are there...?"

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    I had also asked myself,
    but where did these lines end up ...
    never appeared to me, a great frustration ...
    some friends of mine, they always showed up,
    maybe something to do with the quality of the testtures maybe ???
    but I think not, it seems to be a random bug, for each user.
    in practice it never appeared, and within the game no information to change that.

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    Normally the lines of the blocks only appear if you have your Shadow Quality set to High at the minimum.

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    Hmm, is that so? I changed the shadows back to minimum quality but the lines are still there. Maybe it is texture quality instead?... I did recently change my graphics settings.

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    Oh, didn't realize I wrote Shadow Quality instead of Shader Quality, my bad.
    I meant to say you need to put Shader Quality on high.

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    Oh, you are right. I reduced shader quality and the ugly borders are gone. I guess that is a bug then. The lines should not appear at higher shader quality.