I don`t have the best reactions out there Im 36 years old, homever I can do very well at for honor and very decent at doom or R6, or valorant, homever this game while I tried like 10 times already is getting me a lot of problems just to shoot someone, let alone killing him. I found also that my 144 hz monitor while iI put it in the options tab to 144, my monitor menu is not changing to 144, it runs at 60 hz even if I change in windows my setting to 144 or in the game options tab.

Also mattch making takes a lot of time. Am I too slow or what is the thing about this game? shots dont do damage , people with full fusioned weapons killing you with 3 shots while moving at superspeed, meanwhile my well placed shots miss or don´t kill a fly. I also move the fast and chaotic I can but they always match my movements, what the hell?