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    Ernie Ball Prize Pack hasn't arrived after almost 6 months

    I am aware it can seem rude to demand free stuff.

    Back in July 2020 I won the raffle for Ernie Ball Prize Pack during Dev Stream. UbiJurassic contacted me and asked me for my address etc. He also mentioned that package won't be sent because employees are working remotely for now. I am totally cool with it but I would be thankful for any info how it is going now.

    Proof >>> https://imgur.com/a/RrKYqNt
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    Hello and welcome to the Forums, Ziomastorm.

    You should have received a message back from our Support Team to the ticket you created about this but I'll share it here as well.

    While our Community Developer has been able to infrequently return to the office to begin shipping out a limited number of packages, a large bulk of prize packs have not yet been sent out for winners. Know that we still have the information you provided, and intend on getting your prize pack out as soon as we are able to.

    If you have any other questions, please let us know.

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    Nothings saying you cant just stop at work for a couple hours...

    Unless ubisoft happens to coexist with a meat packing plant. lol.
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    Thanks for response. Although I didn't recieve an email, last message I got is from polish support saying that Rocksmith department is overviewing my ticket. Nevertheless, thank you again. I'll wait
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    Also patiently waiting for a prize^^.

    But we all know that home offices are what we should be doing these days, so take your time!
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