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    can't connect to multiplayer online games since last month

    in this last month, me and my friend can't connect the heroes of might and magic 7 multiplayer online games,
    we see the games listed but it doesn't let us in,
    we try to enter with a different router and different places and do all you write (open ports and more),
    before the game works well!!!

    the game shows the message:
    you lost the connection to the server,

    please help, it's very disappointing
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    Even if you don't want to fix all this game's issues, please, at least fix the online mode...

    I want to play this game with my brother and we can't play on the same computer. I bought this game just for that... please fix it...
    And if you can't, repay us...
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    My friends and I aren't able access online

    Are the servers dead? My friends and I are not able to connect online.
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