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So what? All you see is her, as she stabbs some enemies in combat, just like any other dagger-armed hero and assassinates some more, just the same as any other assassin with hidden blades.
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wow moveset like other dagger heroes and same assassination as other heroes with assassination skill...

no she is not uniqe
Hi Friends
I love making Special Trailers for Heroes
In this Trailer Cleopatra appears to be a very mighty and wonderful hero.
We cannot know the true power of Cleopatra without making Cleopatra 5 Stars DNA, I'm sure Cleopatra is a very strong hero.
He has an excellent Poison skill, he's also nice to be able to assassinate, his support skills are also amazing
The legendary Short Blade looks great,
Also, Cleopatra's heroic design looks very nice.
She's a very strong queen <3