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    Season pass content is missing.

    AC: Origins was gifted to me on Steam. As a surprise, my girlfriend gave me a code for the season pass content. I redeemed it and played through the game. Yesterday I finished the story of the base game and I wanted to check out the DLC expansions. But I couldn't find any way to access them. When I checked on Steam, it claimed I didn't own any DLC. Then I checked on Uplay, and noticed that all season pass DLC was on my account after all. But it wasn't available on the AC:Origins page and visiting the store pages gave me the option to purchase.

    I talked with my girlfriend, and she said she bought the code on Uplay instead of Steam. After we did some digging around, we found that there are compability issues between Steam and the Ubisoft store. So I own the base game on Steam but the DLC on Uplay, making the season pass content unavailable to me.

    Can I exchange the code for a Steam code? Or can she have her money back at least? The store basically took her money and didn't give a functional product in return. She feels pretty scammed right now.
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    Hey Robotic_Magus, thanks for getting in touch and apologies about the delayed response.

    Based on what you've explained, it sounds like something we will be able to issue your girlfriend a refund with, therefore reach out to us via one of the following channels as we will need to complete account verification steps first:

    1. Support website
    2. Facebook
    3. Twitter

    Hope this helps. Should you have any further questions, let us know!
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