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    Kinda disapointed with state of multiplayer

    I bought the game when it cam out last yeear and happily played it for quite a while back then. I had the feeling that the inital impact back then was a bit wasted since multiplayer was not available fromt the first day ( or am i wrong, im not sure?!) Anyway, i player a couple of MP-battles last year and it was fun, but i had to wait to many tries in order to find atleast one opponent.
    Since the game was free on uplay for some days i really enjoyed to play vs many players and find full lobbies on first try - very fun! But now since i played 15-20 round i have to say that i am not to happy with the choices about the map choices in ranked modes. Just as a sidenote, i finished most of the tracks in normal "career mode" on gold, only a few extreme maps are missing - and im being far away from playing ninja maps! With the recent possibilites in matchmaking a climbed quite quickly to the diamond ranks but only playing vs another plat/dia rider once or twice. So the maps i can choose from playing against other players are mostly (90%) beginner or easy maps and i would not have a problem in general playing these maps if they would not repeat so fast, or if there would be more at least medium maps to choose from. From my personal experience i can tell, that even newish player mostly choose the harder difficulty if possible.
    So to conclude: My current experience in Trials Rising MP is just playing beginner and easy maps where the key to win is rather your general skill than more just knowing when to take a jump full speed or brake a bit before the leap in order to reduce air time and bad landing - not so fun! If i had the chance to give an idea how i would it like to b work id say remove all the beginner maps from the MP and only make easy maps for bronze elo. Only speaking for myself now, but i`d be happy with a bit longer queueing times if then the other riders would be more of the same elo and then having to drive hrder maps!

    Merry Chrsitmas everyone!
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    I agree that it has been a lot of fun seeing so many people in MP this week because of the free giveaway. Unfortunately it has already starting to die down a bit as expected once the sale ended and because of MP issues in general. Speaking of which...

    I disagree on removing beginner tracks because most people playing this week are exactly that - beginners. What is actually frustrating with map selection is the difficulty in the map choices given overall experience levels of the players in the current match. For instance, in several matches, I was playing with people who just downloaded the game for the first time and only had the Squid available, but the map difficultly choices were two extreme tracks, and one hard track! This unfortunately causes most people to quit out of the match early - and rightly so. They don't even have the option yet to select a better bike for the map choices.

    Also, don't get too hung up on the ranking as it really varies quite wildy in Rising. You have some people in diamond that struggle to complete extreme tracks (like myself) and others in the same tier who are still struggling with hard tracks. On the flip side, you have people in bronze/silver who might be coming from another platform and breeze through some of the more difficult tracks but are still ranking up.

    Let's just all be thankful that we at least had several days of active MP activity with nearly full lobbies. Despite the quirks in MP it is still fun racing people in real-time. I don't think Rising will see any more updates at this point so let's hope that some of these MP related QOL issues will make it into the next version.
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