Integrating twitch prime into this gameís battle pass is one of the worst ideas ive seen in recent times. As someone who did not buy the battle pass, having that many rewards locked (and most of the good ones) absolutely kills my desire to play this game

Hyperscape has gotten much better recently and overall iíd say itís a pretty fun game. But certainly not fun enough for me to play it every day just to play it. In order to get me to play consistently (and im sure many others as well), the free battle pass MUST remove this stupid twitch prime paywall completely for the next season, or even better take it out right now.

Why would i waste my time doing daily and weekly challenges if im not even getting the rewards that i should be getting with the free battle pass? This dumb integration system makes me angry and not want to play at all, it does not make me want to get twitch prime so ill get those rewards. If youíre going to have a FREE version of the battle pass, then actually make it free. Donít be greedy and screw the players over with this twitch prime garbage that makes it not worth my time to play this game.