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    Startup, in game and servers

    Anyone else experiencing that starting the game with a modern computer takes waaaaay too long? I'd not expect more than 10 sec with my setup compared to other similar games games that would start in 5 sec. Always stuck on connecting to servers when starting once it's done a 30 sec wait time to actually start.

    Anyone else experiencing that Ubisofts services such as looking at battle pass isn't responding, renown not updating, etc.?

    Anyone else seen that the entire lobby gets + 150-250 ms delay only to drop to normal a round or two later?

    Just curious if this is standard or I am having some issue with the game.

    Port forwarding setup properly, only this game causing problems.
    I could add a longer MTR reading to a stable host or a packet capture at router level to show that the issue isn't with the firewall or internet but believe me - there's no issue with port forwarding or the internet..

    Starting to wonder if it's worth investing more time since the above seems to be the norm.
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    Hello there, thanks for getting in contact with us Death.

    For the renown issue, this was found to be a visual bug player side, when checking players accounts who contacted us about it. When the player restarts there game the renown should be added to the player game, in-game.

    As for the ping issue, which server are you connected to? Is it the correct server for your area and have you tried changing datacentres to see if this can improve for you?

    As you have said you have correctly set up your ports and performed troubleshooting and have still been having connection issues and long load times, have you tried contacting us through our support site about this and uploading your port configuration and settings?
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