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    Game stuck in a loop

    in the middle of a fight in a Dragon Utopia, in the second round the Spectral Dragon first moved next to the Ranger, then to the left of the Treant, then down next to the Druid, then back up to the left of the Treant.... after moving 4 times, it got stuck in a loop of the last two spots.

    I've used the Treants ability 'Living Shelter' which is my best guess for the dragon wigging out

    its bad enough that its moving more than once, but to also get stuck in a loop meant i had to reload the game to make it stop, this game is quite buggy even years after release...

    Image for reference

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    Hi KypZDurron,

    Thank you for reporting this to us, we're sorry to hear that occurred.

    Did you see this issue just the once, or multiple times with the same unit?
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