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    Looks like a fourth Rabbid-game has been announced, or whatever. And unlike the previous three, this one looks like something I'll buy.

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    Not to be picky, but isn't it Bunnies go Home?
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    no rabbids don't go
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    I don't really like the storyboard, but if this means the rabbids have a game of they're own now, Rayman games will continue!!! I really was hoping that they would make another rabbids party game starring ONLY the rabbids and not rayman, but I'm not complaining!
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    This game looks awesome! Finally, it looks like they've split Rayman and the Rabbids into two different series.

    And seriously. I will get this game. Fresh and unique idea. Although the Rabbids have kind of lost their touch.

    Also, I'd like to comment on one of that site's statements:

    This will be, technically, the first game with the Rabbids in a starring role, having been introduced for the Wii's series of Rayman mini-game titles (and actually proving far more popular and memorable than the titular character himself).
    I disagree. Rabbids have been around of just a couple of years and they've already started losing their massive amounts of praise and love. Rayman's been around for more than 10 years, and a lot of people are begging for his return as an adventure guy.
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    thats it
    rayman is ruined.
    its like a ps3 or 360 doesnt even exist anymore.
    i dont hav wii and i dont have one on purpose, since i won a wii somewhere and i sold it.

    this game BETTER come out for other consoles.
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    Originally posted by Luckster_Gal:
    I officially give up
    I gave up as soon as I played the third one.
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    since im training to be a dj, i composed a song dedicated to rayman.
    it isn't finished, and i don't really intend to finish it, but there you go.
    please tell me what you think.
    oh, and you'l find the video. it's on the page when you clikc on it.
    it's called "Rabbids go home - new rayman game"
    the song is just called rayman.
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    Ubisoft has not said they were getting rid of Rayman. They wouldn't dare get rid of him, even for stupid Rabbids.
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