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    Night Vision on Chaos Theory

    I've installed Chaos Theory on Parallels running Windows 10. It ran the first Splinter Cell fine, but I'm having a weird Night Vision issue on Chaos Theory.

    I've attached some screenshots below.

    The first is in normal view. The following 3 are in Night View mode.

    As you can see it is working perfectly fine in the bottom quarter of the screen, but the rest of the screen seems inverted.

    I've also tried to capture the weird rotating polygons. These polygons are the steam coming out of the drain.

    It would be great if someone could help me figure it out.

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    I've been playing around, I just noticed that if I put my goggles on and turn nightvision off, I can see in nightvision around the edges, but not in the middle.

    This is so frustrating. My video card to see in nightvision, it's just blocking it.

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