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    Any chance this will be on sale soon?

    Any chance this will be on sale on the Playstation store, we are playing the 2012 version on PS3 version and would like to upgrade to the remastered version, any chance it will get added to the January sale?
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    Do yourself a favour and buy it on steam. 1/4 of the price, but is on sale all the time, dlc are on sale every few months etc. The playstation is much more buggy, sonys support is crap, and problems can take months (or years in some cases to fix), and the essentially never have sales etc. All in all, it's not recommended.

    Also on steam, the game and everything gets transferred to any future computer, ps3 is good only as long as ps3s are supported.
    It's an old game by now, my 4 year old laptop run this game with no problem what so ever
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    Rocksmith 2014 "the game" has been on sale of ps4 before. Just not the DLC.
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    I was also waiting for the same, then got crew 2 at an attractive price at g2a.com
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