Well UBISOFT stopped the game delevepment decades ago but in the funs moddler's world the game is still developing.The grapics gets better,AI gets stronger,interesting small details etc.But there are lots of barriers can't be fix by just modelling.Here are some of the known issues:

1.CTD when Object ID mismatch or the Champain file mistakes.
2.CTD when a escort ship was set the be a convoy leader.
3.CTD when crew manegment gets completecated and you press the cruise mode button.
4.CTD when loading saved games with disruppted ship movement.
5.Bad weather lasts too long

These issues either very difficult or trace without debugger or impossable without changing from the source.

Other thing needs to impove are:
1.It needs to ported to 64bits Win10,the 4GB memory is hitting the limit now.
2.The earth is NOT round.The more you go north/south the more unrealistic it gets.It just not right.
3.When a ship sunk it should be gone forever,there were real people with real name on them not random generated duplicates,and same goes with you UBoat.
4.Sinking of ships should be able to affect how the war progresses.
5.The speech recongnition needs to be integrated-in.Right now it is a seperate programe only linked to keyboard and if there is no hotkey of certain command then it cannot be given vocally.

Ofcourse we can expect someone make complete new game with those improvments.But what I see the newly publish sub games are all disappointments,they dont get the spirits.I think there is plenty of material scavengable from the SH series,it is not too complicateled and got all the neccesary elementss lots of files are quite readable and understood,it just need some minor aternation.UBI should consider release the source code and project file or selling it at a much higher than the retail price of the game.