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    Watch_Dogs 2 Stadia not using cross progression?

    The first day sale on Watch_Dogs 2 for Stadia was pretty great, so I hopped on it, but when I booted it up, it didn't load my existing save, which I've played elsewhere and I know is sync'd to the Ubi cloud, so to speak.

    Is this feature not supported for Stadia? It's been advertised to be.
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    ubi-smash's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Hey Ravenlock80! To access your saved data between Stadia and PC, please follow our guide here. If you have any issues with accessing your progression between Stadia and PC, please create a support ticket so we can help review this with you further! You can also create a support ticket with our social media support on the Ubisoft Support Facebook or Ubisoft Support Twitter.
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