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    Display more ranking informations

    Displaying the ranking wih the track button, in campaign interface, is a good idea, however I think It's not sufficient to track ones progress.

    In the example below I'm "top 3" in the last track, but I'm not better -> it's just because there is only 4 scores. so I cannot rely on my ranking to get an information of my progress.

    can you add another information to indicate the player position regarding the total recorded players?

    I have few suggestions below. Let's suppose I'm "TOP 153" in a track. the button could be like this:

    (i.e. 52% of the total recorded scores)
    (i.e. 5rd division per 10 of the total recorded scores)

    a text color gradation can be implemented for more clearness. for example:43e/Dv2 for a good ranking and 43e/Dv9 if bad ranking

    I think these upgrade can be a great optimisation of the time attack mode, besides it should easy to program

    note: having the possibility to display as much track information as possible at the same time (for example: track name, status, type, rank) without having to point at each tracks, one by one would be a plus

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    I totally agree with this. Several players talked about it on the TM discord a few days ago and we all thought it would be useful to have at least a percentage indication for every rank (or every rank in official tracks) or the total number of records on the map to help players having a better understanding of their level compared to others.

    A top 100 is not the same if there are 150 or 1000 players obviously.
    The same goes for COTD, could be nice to indicate this in the prompt when you are knocked-out (with the final rank).
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