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    Star Trek Bridge Crew UNPLAYABLE on Quest 2. Shouldnt be allowed to sell broken game

    It's inacceptable that it's even sold in the quest 2 in its broken state.

    Quest 2 players regularly find themselves unable to use their console.

    It requires the bugged players to find a new lobby (which is hard enough).

    There also is a bug where quest 2 players can't hear or communicate anymore.

    How is such a common bug not fixed? Greed? Forgotten back log?
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    I've recently started using the Quest2 for Bridge Crew, and keep losing communication between players as well.
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    Audio Issues too! And what's with the Spambots?

    I can't believe so many spambots in this thread and admin not removing them. Do we assume admin is just not interested?

    I have audio problems too. Mics cutting out between team players. My son and I bought this game specifically so we could socialise while I am stuck in the UAE and he is in the UK. What is Ubisoft doing about it?
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