As of this writing, I understand that cross-progression is a relatively new feature that Ubisoft has rolled out via Ubisoft Connect with the intention to implement it in newer titles. However, I would really love to see the implementation of cross-progression for older Ubisoft titles spanning multiple console generations. In my particular case, I started playing Rayman Legends on my Nintendo Wii U a few years ago. Though I have completed the main game, I still hope to eventually achieve the 11th Level of Awesome. I've been inching closer towards that goal over the past couple years as I occasionally return to the game. Unfortunately, I'm unable to continue playing the game at times since I'm separated from my Wii U, but I have access to my Nintendo Switch. Although I would appreciate backwards compatibility on Nintendo's end, I would be compelled to purchase Rayman Legends for my Switch if it allowed me to continue my game where I left off and keep striving towards my completionist goal.

Thanks for reading/considering!