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    The Expedition Cup

    The Expedition Cup

    Hello everyone ! I'd like to introduce the Expedition Cup! It will be held every Saturday evening (unless announced otherwise). The primary target audience is those in the Western Hemisphere. But of course everyone is welcome! The goal is to travel to different parts of Trackmania every week, thus the name.

    The cup should last roughly an hour. It will be played in Rounds mode on 5 maps for each edition.

    We expect a couple things from participants:
    ⚠️Fair play - if you find an unintended shortcut or reroute, do not use it during the cup.
    ⚠️No foul language, or anything else that may be deemed inappropriate. We want folks to be comfortable letting their kids play the cup.

    If you break these rules, you may face a warning, kick, or in the case of repeated offenses, a ban.

    When is the cup:
    6pm Saturday - Pacific Standard Time (Los Angeles)
    9pm Saturday - Eastern Standard Time (New York City)
    3am Sunday - Central European Time (Paris)
    1pm Sunday - Australian Eastern Daylight Time (Sydney)

    Where is the cup:
    The Exp. Cup server in the North American Trackmania Club. The server will be opened in the relevant the Monday before, so that players can have several days to learn the maps for that week.

    Schedule each month:
    Week 1 - TM United Forever
    Week 2 - TM2 SingleEnv
    Week 3 - TM2 MultiEnv
    Week 4 - TM2020

    And when there are five Saturdays:
    Week 5 - TM2 SingleEnv

    SingleEnv can be:
    Canyon, Stadium, Valley, Lagoon, TM2Island, TMOneAlpine, TMOneSpeed, or any other TM2 titlepack. Have a titlepack request? Let me know, and we'll see if we can schedule it.

    Track styles can be:
    Race, Tech, Speedtech, Fullspeed, Speedfun, Nascar, Platform, mRPG, Transitional, Mixed, or anything else we want to play. Track styles may even be mixed within a single cup.

    Map submissions are welcome!
    - Maps can be 30 to 75 seconds in length
    - Fully respawnable
    - "Easy to finish, hard to master" should be your guiding principle
    - Maps can be new or already released
    - New maps (that are accepted) can be given the prefix: TEC -
    - Some other common sense guidelines can be found in the building rules for the MX Lagoon Cup.
    - Just send me a PM with the map link.

    Join the North American Discord server for more info.

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    The first Expedition Cup in TM2020 will be on January 23, 2021. More info will follow during the week of the cup.

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    The Expedition Cup - Edition 004 - TM2020
    January 23, 2021 - Rounds - 35 players

    Full results spreadsheet

    See you for the next edition in TM2020 on February 27 at 6pm PST / 9pm EST.