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    Bugged Dolby Atmos for Headphones on Xbox controllers audio

    While Dolby Atmos for Headphones through Xbox Controllers works fine on other games, applications.
    The Division 2 just refuses to work with Xbox Controller audio if Dolby Atmos is on.
    - Audio is fine with Dolby Atmos or any "spatial sound" off(DTS, Windows Sonic)
    - If Dolby Atmos is on, Division 2 will be switching on and off Dolby Atmos, results in distorted audio: No game audio if Dolby Atmos is in-use and vice versa. This will also make the game lagging with frequent spikes and huge input lag. Other games are fine with Dolby Atmos on. Audio playback in the background with Dolby Atmos(verify by playing alone and/or with other games, other games playback uses Dolby Atmos) is normal.
    - Dolby Atmos is fine if using built-in speakers, through headphone output, or other usb headset(generic usb headphone and Jabra EVOLVE). literally only Xbox Controller Audio is buggy.

    Windows 10 19042.685
    Using USB plug and Wireless adapter for Xbox Controller
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    Same for me.
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    Vertrost: Hi there! Could you confirm if you are using Windows 10 on your PC? Dolby Atmos is supported on The Division 2, but you will need Windows 10 version 16299. I would also advise trying ourPC Troubleshooting Steps to see if this remedies the issues you have been encountering. Please reach out to us by Creating a Support Ticket here so we can take a deeper look over this with you if you have any further troubles.
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