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    Any UK/EU players still playing?

    As I never really played this much when it first came out, I decided that I wanted to give it another go (I have D2 as well), but I always preferred the setting of the first game as its a lot more bleak. But clearly there isn't a massive player base anymore. Im only currently level 7, but I dont want to do all of the game solo.

    So anyone in the UK/EU want to team up? I usually play most evenings and weekends and obviously with Christmas this week I will be playing a lot more. You can add me on UC on Kaledis74 and I do use discord.

    Come and shoot bad guys with me.
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    I'm always dropping back for somebody looking for help for a new character in a mission, there just doesn't seem to be that many wanting help, click tier 5 on legendary and I'm snapped up, I can learn new techniques in the lower tiers, less manic, I' ve found a few D Z 99 players also mixing it up as well. But the apartment and power house on legendary is mental, so it's nice to just chill out sometimes
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    join us

    hi mate me and my nephew need a player to join us we play 2-3 evenings a week my ps user name is TerryJF80
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    hey im lvl 30 gear score289 dz 51 and underground lvl 31 im down toplay when ever your ready the only time im not on division 1 is when im asleep or out I know not many ppl pay the game anymore but iam still addicted im an xbox player my xbox gamer tag is VORTEX Yaboi777 you can msg me on there or I have a Instagram braders2464 see you soon
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    Im from UK PC player feel free to add me

    From ireland i play on pc my ubi tag is Raiden_Nishida free free to add allways looking for friends and active people
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    Hello! Me my husband and his friends play daily, we just started our own clan too, MetalPunk
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    Yes- Platted on PS4 and doing again on PC.
    Add- TheBannist.

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