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    Assassin's creed 3 is a great game

    I Saw many critical videos about the AC Franchise , they all say that AC 3 is the worst AC Game I Think that AC 3 is one of the best and for many reasons 1 - A Big open world game : A big forest + 2 Towns (New york, Boston) 2- The history is amazing (About the US Revolution) 3- Great gameplay (A Lot of weapons) , the missions are interesting and quite difficult , side quests are interesting too, Hunting mode is great and there are also naval missions.
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    I agree. Upon revisiting it via the Remastered version I realised just how well it had aged and how innovative it was for the series. I liked it when it first came out as well but appreciate it even more now and how it changed the series. I think people are overly harsh towards it.
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