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    [Maintenance Alert] [All Platforms] December 17th, 2020

    Hello everyone,

    We’ll be performing maintenance today, December 17th.

    Time: 9AM EST / 14:00 UTC

    Platform: PS4, XB1, PC

    Estimated downtime: 45 minutes


    [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused some Gryphon armor sets to not apply skin color properly:

    - Rogue Helm

    - Rogue Alternate Helm

    - Rogue Chest

    - Protector Alternate Chest

    - Rogue Alternate Chest

    - Protector Chest

    [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Gryphon’s Rogue Chest back symbols to overlap

    [Bug Fix] Fixed issue that caused Capture Zone C to not be capturable when standing in a specific location in the Overwatch map
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    Hey Team, you guys need to revisit breach pike-men damage and officer damage needs to be lowered. Aramusha still needs an opener ( the blockade kick would work perfectly as a forward dash guard break) not to mention fixing the stamilna drain just slightly. Gryphon's cool and all but his feats are under powered if he is supposed to be the opposite of warmonger. Hook it up! Ive got a team of 4 and we still consistently play the game.
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    Hero improvements from the dec 2020 testing grounds

    So, we all saw these hero improvements. Personally, I thought they were fantastic. I think warden will have a better place in 4v4, pk will be able to apply pressure to turtles, such as conqueror, Nobushi will be able to keep pressure shugoki can't out trade with light attacks. Although, I believe he should keep the hyper armor on demon's embrace to catch early dodge attacks.

    Besides all that, Ubisoft, when can we expect to see these changes added to the game? I'm really hoping it's by the end of January or early February. Hopefully you guys see this and try to give us some kind of release date.
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