Hello all,

this may or may not be of interest but I felt compelled to share this.

I'm late and new to Wildlands after purchasing it several months ago (not as a result of Covid lockdowns either).

I was a Splinter Cell (solo player) from pretty much it's inception. Several things to like about SC particularly the stealth elements.

Fast forward to Wildlands. (Solo player - not online)


* environments look brilliant. All the designated regions of the map are quite immersive.
* the changing / evolving weather (dry, wet, overcast, clear) are an excellent addition.
* change of day and night is another nice addition and the fact that we can alter the time to suit the operation is advantageous.
* the ability to be able to drive/pilot almost any land / air / water vehicle is a good inclusion (although the physics leave a lot to be desired).


* AI Team Mates - the foremost basic edict of any military unit is "watch each others backs". Sadly, this is glaringly missing from the AI programming. So much so, that I had to decide to complete missions without team mates as they were next to useless. So Ubi, I'm just wondering if you QA test some of these military based games with actual ex/current military personnell? I understand this is not a war simulation, however, there is ample headroom for improvement in this game as it pertains to team mates and their function and our ability to task them with more appropriate orders in addition to them recognizing the need to back-up their team leader unless otherwise directed.

* AI enemy combatants - again, I recognize this is not a war simulator. However, I've experienced some real outstanding BS in Wildlands (in comparison to most other wargame shooters (who shall remain unnamed) regarding ballistics and overall enemy performance. It's clear that with some more attention to detail and specific programming requisites that the enemy combatants could actually react more life like / realistically as compared to the current iteration. The current levels of BS I've experienced in Wildlands actually severely detract from the overall enjoyment experience of the game.

* pointing to SC, Sam Fisher had a reasonable assortment of physical moves that we could employ. It would have been advantageous to see our character in Wildlands being able to employ such moves given both Sam Fisher (SC) and Murphy (Wildlands) are elite military personnell (ex in Sam's case).

* Mortars - not sure why we weren't permitted to commandeer a mortar and actually utilize it?

* RPG's - would have been a useful and realistic addition to the game but unfortunately were omitted.

* Drone - excellent feature (just like it is in SC), but why was the drone range reduced to a mere 300m distance? Surely, 1000m would have been more realistic given the military grade?

I could continue with the list but then this would become a free consult.

OVERALL - IMO - this could have been an outstanding game if a little more attention to detail and gathering of more realistic data was invested for the purpose of programming the AI in particular. Ergo, I expected the AI in Breakpoint to behave precisely the same as Wildlands and hence I wasn't prepared to tolerate the cons I pointed out.