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    Card Charged but still no says "Status Suspended"

    Hi, so with this trial thing I signed up and wanted to give it a shot, so I used my PayPal that is linked with a card that has no money, of course as normal, it tries to charge the card and card has no funds, so payment is denied and subscription is suspended, but I like the idea of uplay+ so I use my actual card and make the payment and it said success and I got the SMS from bank that the card was charged but my account still says "Status: Suspended" and it tells me to update my payment details which I already did and got charged for, please help.
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    Ubisoft is not letting you change to a new card. If it has an old card that is expired or has no money it will not let you change from that card. They switched my account o an old card I had on account from earlier int he year, they switched from my active good card I used... to an old one. And then they suspended my Uplay+ access because of that. yet my payment went through at my bank. I hope they know about this issue... I have been trying to get support with no success. Cant call, cant chat, sent email, contacted forums... not one reply.
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    Yes even for ppl that didnt have problems with anything card related like myself. i have seen the money leave my account and Ubisoft sent a receit in the app and an email telling me thx for your purchesss. that was on the 1st and it was expired upon logging in today with no emails or msgs saying anyting about payments or otherwise. Like i said last email i got was on the 1st moments after signing up and Like Vid said complete silence for Ubisoft.
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    Originally Posted by TheVidicus Go to original post
    Ubisoft is not letting you change to a new card.
    I don't know what is wrong with your thing, but for me I just edit my payment details and it worked, it just wasn't instantaneous like other things so I got a bit paranoid and made this thread but I guess I just needed to wait a bit, works fine now.
    I am not sure what the problem is with yours but I hope that it is soon fixed.
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    charge it back i bought it 2 days ago and they just canceled it they also tried to get more money from it so many times legit cant recommend this to anyone
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    Having the same issue, billing details changed. money deducted status active for a hour, reverted to expired. Been waiting for feedback ever since (12hrs and counting).
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    Same here, managed to contact support and they asked me to prove the payment - wich for me that's already a reason to never trust ubisoft again - how bad is your payment gateway that you need your clients to prove you that the money is on your side ? That's a first to me, so much that I actually have a problem proving that without going for the first time physically to my bank in 10 years to ask them for a paper that 14,99 were taken from my account to ubisoft. I never needed to prove anything about payment. The money is there, go check it, that's it. If you have no way to check, the problem is on you. Use Stripe.

    If anyone at ubisoft cares to read this, please take this seriously. You don't ask your client to prove that he paid for a service he is not being provided. It's weekend, I'm tired and I want to play. I paid for my subscription. I'm here writing this instead of logging into the division 2, please just listen to your clients.
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    Uplay+ is junk

    I used a prepaid credit card for the first 1$ month then had PayPal set up for the next, yet the payment didn't go through.
    I then proceeded to add more money in another way to PayPal then sent the payment.
    Uplay accepted the payment and sent a receipt. I played for 6 hours last night.
    I woke up and my account is expired and I need to renew my subscription.
    I've tried everything from PayPal to adding different prepaid credit card.

    I have the money, I have sent the money, they got the money.

    Honestly pretty furious about this, and of course no way of contacting Ubisoft sent in 3 tickets now.... apparently I get to not play games this long weekend.

    I keep getting the red box at top right of screen saying update my payment ( I HAVE!!!!!!)
    Then I go into a loop of Uplay and Ubisoft websites. I can get it to say my payment was successful and everything is fine, but go back to the Uplay app and it's still Expired.
    Hit renew start the cycle again.

    Both PayPal and Prepaid show the 19.99$cad payment made.
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    Same problem here, got an email yesterday saying that the account would be suspended in 7 days, but was already locked and no way to talk to the bank to sort it out.
    I didn't cancel the subscription, so the service should still be working.
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