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    Playing Assassin's Creed III Remastered: Some thoughts on Connor Kenway

    Mid-ish way through Assassin's Creed III: Remastered (currently Sequence 7). I've been playing the series from the start since the beginning of 2019. Completed Assassin's Creed, ACII, Brotherhood, Revelations, and Chronicles: China. I had some thoughts on ACIII in general, but wanted to share for one in particular:

    Ratonhnhaké:ton! (I'm just going to use Connor in this post for ease...) Connor gets a lot of crap from fans for being boring, wooden, bland, etc. At this point in the game, I completely disagree. First, he's following up the charasmatic and free-wheeling Ezio Auditore. Tough act to follow. Then, let's look at COnnor's life so far:

    He's the illigetimate child of mixed-heritage parents in a time where this was probably major looked down upon from both cultures. And to top it off, the father isn't in the picture from the start.

    When he's 4 years old (those kids seem older than 4 in that scene. More like 6 - 8), he's nearly killed by a man (Charles Lee) who he believes burns down his village, resulting in the death of his mother. So now this kid has no parents at all.

    Time passes, he stays with the tribe and becomes an angry teen. Then the fall of 1769 hits... At 13 years old, he's called in to talk to the clan mother of his tribe... who hands him an artifact like he's never seen before. When he takes it, his mind is suddenly thrust into a mind-bending vision with a "spirit." They're soaring through the air as eagles (the spirit is a fire eagle no less), as she tells him that he must protect the land his tribe's village is on at all costs. She hints that not doing so will bring about the end of the world (No pressure or anything). Connor wakes from the vision with a task to find the Assassin symbol and begin training.

    At some point he learns that Charles Lee actually works for his father, who is the head of a secret group that is actively trying to get to the secret his village protects, and would bring about the apocalyptic vision the spirit warned him about.

    All this before he hits 14 years old. Some may call him bland but I think he's driven. Single-minded on his mission, because holy crap wouldn't you be if you had lived all that???SHAREit Appvn
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    I pretty much agree with all of this. Connor went to a lot, at a really young age (even younger than Ezio's), so I think his reaction feels natural. I personally really like him.
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