Currently I own For Honor on my Xbox one with all of my repped up players, steel, etc. on there. With the release of next gen consoles, I think that cross-progression/cross-play between Xbox and PlayStation should be heavily prioritized. After finally getting the PS5 in November, all those years of playing For Honor and managing to purchase every character (except two) through pure grinding on Xbox one, not being able to transfer that progress over to PS5 is such a downer. I know the easily solution might be to purchase For Honor Complete Edition but losing all of the steel purchased on cosmetics and reps gained on my players just does not make it worth $100. Another solution might be to just to continue playing on my base Xbox one. The problem with that is after experiencing the capabilities of a next-gen console and the obvious frame advantage I see when playing online, it just doesn't give a reason me for me to playing the game at all.
With all of this context given, I believe that cross-progression and cross-play between Xbox and PlayStation will be a win-win solution for everyone, because I believe that it will completely revitalize the game. I never do forum posts like this, but I sincerely care about this game and not having the urge to play it anymore is truly heartbreaking. For Honor is literally the only game I play on Xbox, hence is why dropping hundreds of dollars just to play one game is not an option. Lastly, I know that I am not the only one that feels this way. All I am asking is for you all to prioritize this because this can bring a lot of players back. Thanks.