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    How popular is the ranked multiplayer on XBox?

    Hey fellow riders!

    I recently returned to the series after taking some time off - mostly due to frustration with game performance after DLC dropped over a year ago. That being said, I'm happy to see that the performance issues have mostly been resolved! I haven't experienced any noticeable stuttering on any of the tracks so far.

    It seems that ranked MP on PC is still hit-or-miss. I jump in the lobby every time I fire up the game but it's hard to find people, which is unfortunate because I love the 'live' element of racing against people (as opposed to ghosts). I saw a fantastic suggestion by someone else on the forums - MP matchmaking would be MUCH more effective if you could simply jump in the queue and then play SP while waiting for the lobby to fill. However, it seems unlikely that we'll ever have that feature.

    Since it's also unlikely that we'll ever see cross-platform support for live MP (not LB, actual gameplay), I'm considering buying the game on XBox. Before I pull the trigger, I wanted to get an idea of how active ranked MP was first, if anyone can comment. There are other reasons I'm considering a copy for XBox but MP is a major one.
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    Same problems with MP on Xbox - Unfortunately!
    The game itself does seem to run smoother lately
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    Ah, that's a bummer. I might pick up a copy on XBox anyway just to start a new career from scratch again. Besides that, this is a fantastic series and I don't mind supporting its continued development.
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