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    Is it normal to have 2 of the same Prestige Operatives? I have i have a duplicate for all 3 and its taking up space on my team. I'm afraid to retire them becasue i don't know if it will take them both out
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    I took one of them out, but the other remained.
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    I don't mean to be Rude guys but, when is the co-op mode for this game and also the game crashing fixes gonna come out ?Also its been over a month and not a word from you guys, i was really looing forward to playing this game when it came out with my friends and you guys dropped the ball on non-co- op out of the gate. I know its hard to make it all stable for launch. But i mean come on.
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    Hello ND26000,

    We haven't announced an exact release date for now but it will be early this year. If you're experiencing crashes and haven't already done so, please reach out to our Support Team with your information.

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    Why has Ubisoft let this game die? Literally the worst post launch support vie ever seen:

    Still no patches for missing features
    STILL no word on online
    No sign of the DLC ultimate owners paid for months ago.
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    Yer joking right? The game has never run properly!!!
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    Hello Black_Widowg,

    It would be good if Ubisoft did some sort of roadmap, timeline or announcement via their website or YouTube. It's been over 2 months and the players shouldn't have to get "creative" in the game just to enjoy it.

    Please pay attention to the feedback and improvement considerations, with a notion to hopefully add what can be to the game.
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    Its like this is a $10 indie game. We paid upto $120 for this garbage! Act like you give a sh** Ubisoft!!!
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    still no update on the wonky locked car camera that causes motion sickness?
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