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    AC Black Flag won't finish downloading

    Hello, I wanted to replay AC Black Flag once again and bought all DLC's I was missing in my previous playthroughs. But when the download is almost finished I get a error saying "Ubisoft Connect is unable to start your download".

    I have downloaded 29.46GB from 29.46GB so basicaly 100% of the game. I have plenty of space on my hard drive and I was downloading 10MB/s the whole time so no issues there. I've already tried downloading it three times and did basic thing like restart launcher, reinstal launcher, turning off firewalls and restart PC. Nothing helped. I tried downloading Watch Dogs just to make sure and it went fine.

    I still have the ability to refund those DLC's but I rather play the game.

    Thanks for your help.
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    I have the same issue

    Exactly,the download is fine untill the last 10 megs or so and then stops saying it is anable to complete
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    Hi octovio88
    Do you get the same issue after running Ubisoft Connect with admin rights?
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    Hello there!

    A have the same issue with same game. I'm running Ubisoft Connect with admin rights.What's going on?
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    Still won't Download

    I am also trying to get Black flag for another playthrough.

    Same problem as described, won't download the last par of the game. it can't launch and won't restart the download.

    Did anyone find a solution?
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    I've opened a support ticket, but nothing positive yet. Still stuck at the end after these steps.

    Please complete the following connectivity troubleshooting articles:

    Black Flag
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