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    If anybody else would like to add some other suggestions than they are free to do so. The bigger this thread, the more likely the devs will notice it.
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    Let's make imba more imba. Let's increase top heavy speed up to 0.5s and make it unblockable, also some other stuff like every light undodgable and unpunishable <3
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    I previously said that LB should have access to two lights in a row but on a second thought I came to the conclusion that it really isn't that necessary. At least not in all of his attack chains. To make my point cleaner I wright down what I mean.

    Instead of making him able to do two lights in a row, the devs should gave him entirely new attack chains which would allow him to chain two lights together, but only in limited ways. Since he is a hybrid (probably hybrid between vanguard and heavy) I came up with the following attack chains. These wouldn't require new animations which is a bonus because it takes less work for the devs so it is easier to implement into the game.

    1. Light (L) + Heavy (H): light chain starter is his current one; the heavy is the unblockable finisher (this would make him access his unblockable easier).
    2. H + H + H: this chain should be kept as it is.
    3. L + L: light chain starter is his current one; light finisher is 500 ms, 13 or 14 damage and undodgeable
    4. H + L: heavy chain starter is his current one (maybe dealing 27 damage instead of 24 but it's not that necessary if the devs implement my other suggestions); light finisher is 500 ms, 13 or 14 damage and undodgeable (since shove can be accessed after any heavy this could translate into a good mix-up because according to my version of LB the shove is 500 ms so it is eighter shove + light for either 9 or 13 damage (depending on attack direction) or the undodgeable light for 13 or 14 damage).

    If all of my original suggestions would make it into the game than with this new chains LB would be really viable and extremely strong so he would also need some nerfs to counterbalance him.

    These would be the next:

    1. Impale is only garanteed on a light parry, no longer on a heavy parry.
    2. Impale after a parry (only after a parry) should cost more stamina (10-15% more).
    3. Long arm should not be 800 ms (according to my version), it should be 900 ms (but still feintable).
    4. Long arm should guarantee an UNSAFE (hitting the wake up armor) light instead of an unsafe heavy.
    5. Light riposte should deal 10 damage instead of 12.

    Please devs listen to us and with Year 5 coming work on the heroes in need of some changes and do more Testing Grounds. The next heroes should be Lawbringer, Highlander, Nuxia and Aramusha (I'm not saying Shinobi because he needs a total re-design and that is not going to happen until after the pandemic, when mocap is available again).

    What do you think? I'm interested about your opinions as well.
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    Additional note: I forgot to add the fifth attack chain which is H + H + L (already in the game, everything is the same except the light finisher because it is the undodgeable one).
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    Another additional note: (sorry, I keep forgetting stuff ) Another necessary limitation would be (if all my suggestions would make it into the game) to make Shove + light finish you chain.
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