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    Can't load previous saved games of profile, is there something i dont understand?

    Hello everyone, i'm fairly new to Anno 1800 just got the game last week and am having a blast but one thing i dont get is, why can't i load saved games that are created? when i click on the saved game on the bottom of my profile and it goes to all the list of locally and cloud saved games i can't seem to load them....since theres tons of saved games i just randomly start clicking on all of them down the list hoping one will be able to load. is there something i dont get? Like a random saved game will be able to load but almost all of them like more than 90% will just not load. I click on the load game button and it just makes a clicking sound effect but the game doesn't actually load. what gives?
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    I had no issues load any save game in past and now, but may I suggestion work with https://support.ubisoft.com/ and discover what went wrong together, it's would might help gave them saved game, information of your computer, trouble is they had limited mb file, I think no more than 20 mb, so you might had use other website that handle it large memory saved game and linked to them and share with ubisoft so they download your saved game if they believe it's would help

    before that, I would try to run as administrator and verifying your files first to see that, if that still don't work, you can add and said you already done that in support ticket if still issues come up.
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    thanks for the help, i'll try that.
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    anyone else have any insights why this could be happening? i guess seems its some sort of bug. I verified my files on ubisoft connect as admin but the problem is still happening.
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    Never heard of such an issue before, to be honest.

    Please check for 3 things, which I could imagine could otherwise cause issues:
    - Anno 1800 should be launched as admin
    - Savegames are saved in Documents/Anno 1800. Some players upload their Documents folder automatically to the cloud (Windows One Drive) by default - the game does not like this
    - An antivirus software or firewall could be protecting the folder from access or is blocking Anno 1800 from accessing it. Please check if any of your security software is interfering.

    Otherwise, our technical support - as linked by Humility - is the best way to move forward. Ideally attach a small video clip of the issue.
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