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    just got DLC for land of lions - question on trade

    main island had no indigo dye
    put trading post on another island with dye fertility and made dye up to 75
    setup trade route but it will not pick up dye and take it to main island
    ...this works throughout game well except for this one item in Enbesa
    tried different ships, routes etc
    no luck
    anyone else experienced this?
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    Hmmm, is it bug? If so, be sure report to Ubisoft support, I did done with land of lion but start game over, and I hadn't there land of lion yet.
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    Ok will open support ticket
    Interestingly I found out this am that if when I setup the trade route - I click on the hourglass (wait for goods) it works and loads the items although very slowly and basically one at a time.
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    Below is the response from support

    Hello plana215,

    Thank you for contacting Ubisoft Customer Support.

    We are only able to assist with technical issues such as errors, freezes and crashes. We are unable to help with gameplay related queries.

    However, you can find community assistance on our official forums at http://forums.ubi.com. The FAQ section of our support site at http://support.ubi.com also has a wealth of knowledge that helps to resolve many issues.

    You can also find comprehensive game guides and walkthroughs at the links below:


    Try using these resources and guides to progress in the portion of the game where you are encountering issues.

    Kind regards,
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    I've only played the game for about 500 hours so its possible I am missing something but is anyone aware of another place to report bugs?
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    depending where i was in the game, i'd either try to muddle through best i could, maybe buy indigo from Ketima? til i got the research building, then research 'change fertility' but i can see that being a serious drag and very frustrating, probably enough to make me want to quit.
    or, i'd go back to before entering Enbessa, a previous saved game or i'd start a new game because the one i am currently playing is too broken and hope it works out right this time.
    which, the last option would kill me inside, to start a new game, but sometimes its a pointless battle trying to fix something that Anno/ubisoft can't/won't help with.
    also, if you're playing with mods, i would keep them disabled until you have settled in Enbessa, just incase of conflict.
    you could also try another forum here, like the 'support one' or fandom Anno1800 or Reddit.
    good luck.
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    Ubi-Thorlof's Avatar Anno Community Developer
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    Hey, haven't heard of such an issue before and also didn't encounter it myself.
    If you're using mods, please disable them as PoPPYTAT suggested.
    Please also verify the game files, just to be sure.

    If the issue persists, feel free to send me the affected savegame and ideally record a small video clip showing the problem
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    It's very easy to make the trade route backwards. I have done that a lot.
    Yesturday I finally did the Enbesa thing and had no serious issues.
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