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    Ah but it's amazing ! personally I've never known that! They openly take us for idiots ....
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    Still nothing.... I am pretty sure they will "solve" the issue in... 2022...
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    Viz níže Posílám vám, jak se chová oficiální podpora ubisoftu vůči majitelům zlaté edice, je to včerejší e-mail od podpory ubisoftu, jednáním s nimi od 26. prosince 2020 a toto je jejich odpověď. Nebyly odeslány žádné kódy, pouze ta samá píseň, kterou o problému vědí, a herní tým to řeší, ale již neřeší, že hra bude vyhozena téměř 2 měsíce a MY, majitelé zlatých vydání, NEMÁM dnes nové kódy, které bychom zaplaceno.
    To je od UBISOFTU velmi neprofesionální.

    Ubi-Sisu @Ubisoft Support wrote: 19/01/2021 @ 10:26
    Hello Armies1973,

    Apologies for the delayed response during these strange times.

    Thank you for the provided images for the case of missing gold edition content in Immortals Fenyx Rising.

    This issue has been reported to the game team, and they are looking into it.

    We will provide this case to the game team for further investigation as well.
    As soon as we have an update on the matter we will email you.

    If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask.

    Kind regards,
    Ubisoft Support
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    So who is hopefully there season pass is going to work tomorrow when the DLC launches. I am not hopefully seeing as my ticket from early december still hasn't been resolved and I still dont have my pre order quests and items
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    I can't believe that my gold edition content is still missing .... it is showing that I own it but I cant access it . My game experience is totally ruined. I am not buying anymore games from ubisoft !!!
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    Well, they announced the DLC is about to come out in 3 days, so I can only hope a fix rolls out with the DLC. Otherwise, its ridiculous that DLC 1 is released before people who bought the Gold pack got their content.
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    Just received my gold edition content. First i noticed when i went to the Hermes Shop and saw that i own the hades phosphor skin. Then i went into the owned sction and there they were finally. I didn't do anything except giving my userID in the first thread in early december.
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    Yep, i finally have my stuff as well in the owned items shop part.
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    Quick check from my side, are people now seeing their items ??
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    yes finally received my gold edition content. thank you very much cant wait to play the DLCs.

    Edit: PS4 User
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