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    Unable to launch the game after the last update

    Hey guys! i cant launch the game after i downloaded the last update today 2/12/2020. A pop up msg appears saying that the game crashed, any soloutions? Thanks in advance!
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    Ubi-Thorlof's Avatar Anno Community Developer
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    Hey chronis2010, could you please try verifying your game files directly in Uplay and check if that solves the issue?
    The check will detect any corrupted or missing files and redownload them.

    If the issue persists, let us know
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    Ubi-Thorlof i did that but i have the same issue. i think the best solution is to unistall and then reinstall the game..what do you think? thank you!!!
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    Of course reinstalling could help. If the game continues crashing i would recommend to try it in dx11 mode and of course check your windows installation if everything is up to date, including drivers.
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    the same issue for me. Verify files doesn't help. Also re install doesn't help. Any other suggestions?
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    Bumping this...game will not launch from ubi connect...just runs in background...sometimes if i let it 'go' for 30 minutes it will start...i kid you not...this has been an issue w/ the game for months now would be great if we got an update on a fix? making it unplayable...pushing 800 hours played but kind of literally CAN'T any more...would like to tho...
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    Short update from my side:
    I contacted the Ubisoft support on December 7th 2020 and they told me that since December 3rd 2020 nobody reported the same problem. So that means that nobody of you and the guy on Reddit contacted the support with the same problem.

    So I doubt that this will be fixed with a high priority if it will be fixed at all.
    But at least they said that they will look for a solution. Let's wait and play other games. Hope dies last!
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    Hey guys,

    For those of you still experiencing this, please give the further steps in our guide a try!

    If you're still having issues, please open a case on our Support Site and send over your system files.



    We'd be more than happy to take a closer look!
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    here my last update: solved.
    It was the graphics driver.The fatal thing was that after updating the driver you could still play once. Only after the second start Anno did not work anymore. The same if you reinstall Anno1800: only palyable once. So the bug relation to the driver is not easy. Here are my AMD driver versions that I tested:

    - AMD driver 20.12.1 does not work
    - AMD driver 20.11.3 does not work
    - AMD driver 20.11.2 does not work
    - AMD driver 20.9.2 does work.

    I creaty an bug report (very simple in AMD Adrenalin driver software) that I would also suggest to you.
    So I will stay now on version 20.9.2 and keep playing during X-mas / Lock-Down period. Hope this will help you also.
    Stay healthy

    P.S.: Here are my hardware setup:
    GPU: AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT 50th Anniversary
    CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600X
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    @Jonny-Sinclair Hey!

    Thank you for keeping us up-to-date with your progress and I'm happy to read your issue now appears to be resolved.

    We'll keep this in mind if we see any similar reports
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