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    Why there is no Gun's and Roses in Rocksmith?

    Hello everyone. I noticed that there is no Guns and Roses songs, even as DLCs to buy. Does anyone know why? And if developers plan to add their music in the future
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    They were not able to get a license for it. As to why only the license holder can say for sure. They have stopped adding new dlc so what is out now is it. They are working on a new project but haven’t given any details,
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    Try the Slash Pack. Myles Kennedy has a great voice.

    And the Velvet Revolver song with Duff.

    As you can see, Rocksmith got a couple of the band members on board. Just not all of them to get GnR.
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    Hello and welcome to the Forums, ToothlessDra_!

    As others have said, it's due to permissions. If you're interested in learning more about the DLC process, please take a look here >> http://ubi.li/ve98n

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    Thanks for the replies
    I've done some research and It seems that the permission belongs to Guitar Hero games. That's sad, maybe some day they give permission to Rocksmith?. I really hope it happens some day
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    I'll try, thanks for the suggestion
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