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    I cannot unlink my switch account


    At some point in the past, I linked my Ubisoft account to the wrong Nintendo switch account... I went to unlink the account and Ubisoft is telling me that I cannot link my ubisoft account to a different switch account, but that I can relink to the same account I had been using. I just bought Fenyx Rising and the season pass on my main account that I buy all my software on, but I cannot play the game on my main account and my DLC isn't showing up on my main account, any help would be appreciated.

    - Bison
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    Hey there, Mr._B_Bison! I'm sorry for the trouble caused by this linking issue you're facing. This is something our technical support teams will need to assist with, since they will likely need to manually remove this link between your Nintendo account and your Ubisoft account. Please get in touch with them on our support website, and provide the following information:
    - Ubisoft account username (for your main Ubisoft account)
    - Nintendo ID that you'd like to have linked to this Ubisoft account

    Once received, they'll be able to sort this out with you.
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