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    Stop burying your head in the sand Ubisoft with your automatic responses, so many people are having the same problem so theres abviously an issue.

    Get your devs on their PS5s, play the game and see for themselves instead of asking for videos... its not just a one off case so im sure the devs will see the problem.
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    On another note i am getting hardly any crashes now after getting further into the game.

    After liberating a full area of the map the crashing rarely happens, its just about bearable now.

    Very frustrating but it is such a great game so worth sticking with.
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    Hey there ukmlee. I'm glad to hear that the crashing has mostly subsided for you at the point, and I do apologize for the frustration that this has caused! If you do experience further crashing, video clips are always welcome as it helps to pinpoint the exact location and issue without having to play through the entire game. I highly recommend submitting any video clips you have of crashing to further assist the developers in investigating these issues.
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    Started playing Far Cry 5 today on PS5.

    I didn't run into freezing during the game but when I died the first time and loading screen popped up, it froze. I had to exit the game manually and report the error. Then in a later session, I exited the game and tried to get back and it stuck on loading screen again.

    Loading screen has music playing but the spinning wheel (loading) doesn't work.

    I played Far Cry 4 recently and didn't run into this problem. No other game I've played on PS5 had this problem either.
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    Hi TheStark700, sorry to hear about these freezes that have occurred for you. Has this freezing occurred after any other deaths than this first death in-game?
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    Two more times:

    Once trying to access the guns store (can't remember location)

    Once after Hello Kitty, Kitty quest. After getting the trophy 'Walk the Path'. It seems to be random. Only happens on PS5 and only this game. Never happened to any other game I've played.

    Btw, it's not a crash. It's freezing. The wheel doesn't spin and no choice but to close the game.
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    So again I installed the game. It downloaded, I received the first notification saying the game could be played, then the second saying the game was installed. Once I launched the game, I got a new notification saying Far Cry 5 was added to download/upload with roughly 10gig to go, when trying to continue my save, it says the game is 80% installed. I had just done a database rebuild before redownloading. This is the same issue I've mentioned before and was reported by someone else in this thread. Could this be related to the freeze/crash issue?

    When I am able to play, I will record and post another video if/when it crashes again.
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    So I managed to actually play the game without any issues yesterday, for roughly 5 hours without a crash, this was following the clean install and database rebuild, did various main and side quests. I did come across the weird double install issue which I reported yesterday.

    Today I sat down to continue the playthrough but only got a few minutes before a crash, I literally had time to set up the broadcast, and call for a helicopter. Here is a video to demonstrate. Same as before, a total freeze with sound continuing and a necessary force close of the game.


    That's two videos posted now, hopefully this will provide the devs with some form of info they require. Considering the approaching launch of Far Cry 6, it would be great to get through this game before, especially as some DLC is being hyped due to the inclusion of Vaas, Pagan Min and Joseph Seed. Would be ideal to actually playthrough Seed's story.
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    I managed to play a good 3/4 hours without a crash yesterday after the first one which I posted in a video. Today I managed to get just over 40 minutes before a crash happened, here's a video:


    As you can see this highlights the randomness of these crashes. Whereas the previous two videos showed crashes that happened shortly after entering a vehicle, this is shortly after interacting with an NPC.

    Could a Ubi moderator share any feedback as to these videos, at least acknowledge them, considering they were requested?
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