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    Russian version of the settlers 5

    Good afternoon, moderator. I have questions for the developers who were responsible for the Settlers 5 History Edition. Questions are related to the Russian version.
    1) please tell Me why I can't set the graphics to the maximum on my computer, including this game, and only the game allows me to make it to the average level? Why are these restrictions imposed? Do I need to buy a specific video card to pass this restriction? Or do you need to do something inside the game files to pass this restriction? My FPS reaches up to 450 frames, but I can't admire a good picture, because the game forbids putting graphics on high quality because of some incomprehensible ban. In my opinion, there was no such blocking in the 2007 version of the Gold Edition, including all released add-ons. I could easily switch the graphics at my own discretion as I liked.
    2) where did the non-game videos disappear from the game? Why didn't the first mission show the "prologue" or, more correctly, the "Beginning", which told about Dario and how he ended up in the village? Why in the second mission after saving the village from bandits, the video about mother Dario was not shown, and immediately the game began to give missions without telling the story about the amulet and so on?
    3) And why in the "video" section of the game, the game does not give me the right to watch it? I tried to view it several times by clicking on "start" and so on, but the videos didn't play.

    If you need proof, I can provide it in photos or short videos, but this is if you need it. And so there are real facts of such errors.
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    Hey MakStar30!
    Do you still experience these issues after verifying the game in Ubisoft Connect?
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