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    No download via tethering


    I got the trial for this game on epic games store. When i go to launch it it brings up the Ubisoft connect app and does not download the update. it sits at 0/mbs and doesn't allow it to download. I tried to download the trial from Ubisoft Connect and was not able to download it either. i contacted support and they said there is nothing they can do. On my tethering i have over 20/mbs download and can run any game without fault on the pc including multiplayer and co-op games. This is even true for League of Legends and Rust.
    I live in a very rural area and don't have access to internet unless i pay near 200 a month for a limited data plan.

    I have played this game before on console but i want to try it on pc which is why i am playing the trial before i buy the game. This is really frustrating esp when i have to wait 4 hours plus just for Ubisoft connect to not allow any downloads at all. I know there are ways to be able to download the updates while being tethered and support just isn't allowing me to fix this issue. I am already out of hotspot on my phone so i am unable to use hotspot period right now.

    If you can help me that would be greatly appreciated. The game is downloaded on Epic games but Ubisoft Connect handles the updates.

    (sorry for all the typos, my keyboard is on the fritz)
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    Hey AlexaCyde,

    Thanks for reaching out to us.

    Do you have a support case open with us already?
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    I did. they said there was nothing they can do. I refuse to believe that is true. How can i download the game via Epic, but unable to play it or update it. Also on the same note. HOw can i download League of Legends, update it and play it without fualt on tethering but I cannot pdo the same on Ubisoft?
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