As for characters with long weapons and moves like the 1's I thought to be Undodgable With 1 dodge like Raider or Lawbringer side heavy's I have Thought of Somthing that is so simple but yet so Dinamic as far as gameplay goes...But have not put it to the test.. And it is this...Just Simply Dodging in the direction from which the attack was thrown I know its Basic to know this for the fundamental side Heavies but listen.. Ive never tried dodging forwards to dodge an over head on sombody im locked on to or on the exterior... But I am pretty Certain if i think about it that this would and should work for both exterior and locked on opponents attacks... Because I specifically remember a tutturial sayin dodge into enemy attacks....which if does work will do wonders for my 4v1 gameplay with exterior fighters throwing overheads and side heavies...Just think about it keep your guard to the side of exterior enimies blocking everything they do and dodge all unblockables from both sides(Exterior and locked enemy) and switch your guard back and forth ( Only guard Side Attacks Not Top) )according to the one exterior side for 3 opponents and the opposite 1 side for the opponent your locked with and dodging all over heads and unblockables thrown by the player your locked with and best u can from the rest of enemies.... This will be an Elite and Unique way to play. You will have 2 ways to block for 4 different enimies leaving nothing but dodge options (mostly worrying about dodging Forwards against all top attacks from lock on and exterior opponents) and the occasional parrie for unblockables I'd say this is the best most efficiant 4v1 technique. While Throwing Zones or Side Heavies that hit more than one Player and saving armore and damage perks for when these situations happen.