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    ?Remove old PSN link to Ubisoft Connect?

    How do you remove the association to another PSN account which was first linked to your Ubisoft account?

    1. There is an old PSN account I do not use, this was linked to Ubisoft some time in the past
    2. I want to like my current PSN account to Ubisoft (without which I cannot use the product purchased!)
    3. When logging into Ubisoft (Within AC Valhalla) via my new PSN, I am told to log out and log in with the original, old, PSN account
    4. How do you remove this association to use the new PSN account

    Old PSN account: tr3ndy1640
    New PSN account: rogue_mango_
    Support ticket: 13416122

    I can’t actually use the product without this, so a response is appreciated, thank you
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    ubi-smash's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Hi there! Was looking over your support case earlier from your response in this thread. Please get back to me there or in your support ticket and we get help continue from there. Thanks!
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