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    [RESOLVED]I need Help reset the linked PSN account I want to use a different PSN acc.

    Hi please help me I want to be able to link a new PSN account to my current Ubisoft account I have no plans to use the old PSN account and I just got a PS5 and I can't play AC Valhalla bec of it, and is the only game I have.

    Please HELP!.
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    Ubi-Kay's Avatar Community Manager
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    Check the article here for detailed steps on how to link your account.
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    thank you for your response, this issue has been solved via CHAT customer support
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    Angus_Luissen Thank you for updating us and happy to see our support team was able to help resolve this for you. I am going to go ahead and close the thread at this time. Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!
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