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    Iron Horse (Regulus) projects not showing after level 40


    I have a bug in the game about projects (Foundry Bulwark Acquisition and Future Initiative Acquisition) for exotic Regulus revolver not showing on my screen after level 40. For your reference, I am playing with the only main character (I do have another character (level 2) but just played the game a few hours in the past) and I have done Iron horse on normal difficulty at level 30 (before DLC) with level 40 players and I do have the two projects at that time.

    I have donated the Foundry bulwark 4 items as well. After that, I purchased DLC and leveled up to 40 and done the Iron horse raid at normal 15+ times but now I don't have those two projects in my projects list, and also regulus parts are not dropping for me from each boss or last chest.

    I am stuck here now. When I go to crafting station and click on "Regulus" it says "Complete Operation Iron Horse before assisting Inaya with her projects" but I have already done it many times.

    Please help to fix my issue so I can get the regulus.

    I would appreciate your help in this regard with a prompt resolution.

    See the video link below for your reference.

    Thank You
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    I have submitted the ticket as well.

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    Hey jimi-007,

    Thanks for reaching out to us.

    I've passed this on to the team for investigation.

    I will also forward your support case on to the correct team.

    Please be aware, we are currently experiencing a high volume of contacts, so our response times may be slower than usual.
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    Ok waiting for the fix so I can get this exotic weapon asap. Thanks
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    Hi, Did You have it fixed already? Have the same problem... finished Iron Horse more than 10 times and still don't have projects.
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    Hi WooDeNpq3, Still not get it. I have played this week's fresh Iron Horse raid and still, no parts dropped and no project in my project list. I suggest you create a new case at https://support.ubisoft.com and select PC > The Divison 2 > Technical issue

    Reference my thread or just create a new thread to reference it and also record a video of your game (as I did, see above) and attach the link in the case so devs know about your case and it will help to diagnose the issue quickly.
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    Just to update for anyone having same issue because their is no solution provided by Ubisoft Support until now, so I have level up my 2nd character and played the Iron horse raid and got the projects and regulus parts as well. This is the only solution right now we have.
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