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    Ubisoft Connect challenges aren't registering

    Sometimes when I do a challenge for the Ubisoft Connect app the challenge doesn't register or part of it. In Assassin's Creed Valhalla I won two of the Orlog games for the D20 challenge and it is still showing that I only did one game. For the Division 2 I put out a call for backup and I never got the A little Help challenge.
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    Hello Metroid_Meister,

    The D20 challenge is not something that we have reproduced. Could try checking the status of it now and check it if has been updated? Could you also try winning another game of Orlog to see if that is tracked?

    We are aware of some Division 2 challenges not tracking and are working on a fix.

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    Challenges not working

    Not a single challenge is getting counted not even play the game for AC Valhalla
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    Drunk from first start up

    Also my character is drunk every time I load my game which is strange
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    None of the challenges are showing progress for me either for AC Valhalla. Also, nothing is showing in the stats section either.
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    Sorry to hear you are experiencing this in game, if possible could you provide an image showing this and we will be able to get this looked into further for you. In the meantime, you may also wish to raise this in our dedicated Assassins Creed Valhalla forum which is located here.
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    Thanks for the images.

    Just to confirm, are you able to see the stats and challenges directly on the website?

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    Same proble

    it shows were i can buy rewards but none of my challanges are working
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    like the first challange play valhalla i have diffently palyed
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