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    Hey everyone! To help ensure that your challenges are registered correctly, I would recommend trying our steps here. While we are not suggesting any issues with your internet connection, this will ensure that both the Ubisoft Connect application and your console are communicating with each other properly.
    I have tried the above method and it still doesn't work. I've unlinked, power cycled my Xbox and relinked from my account. I've also tried logging out from the Ubi connect app on my phone and even tried uninstalling the Xbox Ubi connect app and all doesn't work. This is after updating Valhalla to the latest update which including the Valhalla's core and time challenge fix(which did not fix for us).

    One thing I forgot to mention is that Ubi connect seems to be able to update my Valhalla's last playtime but that's about it so I'm pretty sure the issue is on your side.
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    Same deal here, challenges and stats not updating. My stats stopped updating about 32 hours in but didn't notice until I tried to do the time limited challenges and nothing is registering.
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    I unlinked and relinked my psn account and no success. The issue is just related to registering the challenges. I am playing on a PS5 most of the time and I am able to resume my progress on my PS4, so it seems the cloud saving is working fine.
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    Ok it's been a week since Valhalla's 1.1.1 patch and about 2 days since the Ubisoft connect patch and both had addressed the achievements in their patch notes but nothing has changed. Still doesn't update. We will be missing the time-challenge as of today iirc. Are your Valhalla's stats and achievement updating in connect?
    This issue reminds me of Xbox where our game's playtime doesn't update and took about a month to fix which I believe Ubisoft might also take just as much time. I'm not an expert but I'm genuinely curious why it takes so long to fix since it's just statistic.
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    Same here, nothing is updating in ubsoft connect despite 65hrs of game play on the xbox. I have both the patches installed and have completed several quests since (as suggested in the patch notes) also tried all the suggestions of unlinking accounts, un-installing both game and connect and re-installing, clearing xbox cache, and checked all network connections and have an open NAT and even checked connect on the wesite but alas not updated there either.

    I also seem to be getting an error when i hover over and pictures taken and shared by the community. the error states something along the lines of to many connection requests from my account and to try again later. Not sure if that might be why the stats and challenges are not updating
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    The Level system is just to show your friends the progress on your games and how much you played them. It is not trying to give you benefits like Steam does.
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    Your information is very useful to me.
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    Connect does give you benefits, as you complete challenges you are award XP, when you reach certain xp goals they becomes play points which can be spent on reward items that can be used in game. The challenges are currently not tracking for some people which means that we don't get XP to spend on rewards.
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    okay so the wife has started playing Valhalla and her account it tracking the stats and challenges. i recall reading that when the game was release people were having problems accessing the ubisoft store and it only seemed to affect existing Ubisoft account holders as those who created a new account were unaffected. I wonder if this is still the case in some form as i've had an account for 11 years now and the wife only created her 6 months ago.
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    Hi folks and thank you all for adding to this thread! It sounds like for most of you this issue only occurs for Assassin's Creed Valhalla. However, please provide the following information, so I can forward this to our dedicated teams:
    - Which game(s) are impacted?
    - What is not tracking properly? Challenges, stats, or both?
    - Does it seem that the progress that has been tracked is incomplete (only accounting some of the actions you've taken in-game) or does it show up as 0?
    - Is this reflected on the website as well?
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