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    cant accesss any main missions on Division 2

    i have played over 1000 hours on Division 2 when suddenly yesterday i couldnt acceess any of the main missions. the enemies dont spawn and any doors do not unlock. if i join someone elses game it allows me into missions but not from my game. have tried resetiing xbox, uninstalling and re installing game and all add ons nothing worked. Any suggestions??
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    Hello GORE1790, and apologies for any worry caused by this issue you've encountered in The Division 2 on your Xbox. To continue troubleshooting this issue, I'd first recommend clearing the cache on your Xbox. To do this, you'll want to turn off the console completely, then unplug it from the wall for at least two minutes. After waiting the allotted time, go ahead and plug your Xbox back into the wall and turn the console back on. Next, I'd suggest completing the steps listed on our basic troubleshooting guide for the Xbox to see if the steps here improve this issue for you at all. Let me know if these steps don't resolve the issue for you, and I'll be happy to assist further!
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